Facility Design

Facilities and Engineering Design

The Building Design Team provide a fully integrated facility design and architectural service.

Where the building is an integral part of the process, a Design Leader is assigned to the project to take responsibility for facility design to best serve the manufacturing process - this is with regards to the layout of manufacturing areas, changing, people and material flows, and other required building services to support manufacturing operations.

Services Design

The Design Lead will understand both requirements of the process and building services, which will enable an integrated conceptual layout to be developed. HVAC and other building services and architectural details will be developed as part of the building design. To support the design, full use is made of CAD and CAE packages.

Co-ordinating Design and Equipment Integration

The co-ordination of the equipment in terms of location within the building and the connection of all interfaces with the building are a critical part of the project. The GMP Group are fully aware of the requirements of all types of equipment necessary in a number of sectors, as well as the need to co-ordinate the efforts of the design and construction team, the equipment supplier and the validation team, to successfully integrate the equipment into the facility.

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