CellsUnited Ltd have developed a new protein nutritional product, CellperElite™, which is a liquid drink currently being marketed as Sports Nutrition to assist muscle recovery for those in serious training programmes. This has been developed in a process that transforms salmon waste into high value protein for humans, and the long term aim is that CellperElite™ will be used by those suffering with malnutrition or following surgery.

The CellperElite™ team required The GMP Group to develop the process on a modular basis to allow scalability for future increased production forecasts. The client also required our assistance in QC testing of the product.

What we did:

The GMP Group have assisted with the concept design of the modular facility that will initially be used to produce the product in Scotland.  Our process engineers and designers devised a unique and mobile container unit with extraction technology that can be easily transported to any location world wide at the point of processing.


The project is ongoing - first production has been successful as a protein drink for the sports industry. The GMP Group will be working with CellperElite™/CellsUnited to develop a facility in the UK, project managing the build of the facility from start to finish to ensure it meets with all relevant international regulatory requirements.